Party Band StickyJack

STICKY JACK are a Five Piece band from Buckinghamshire.


Who are we? We started as a band about ten years ago and have been playing together ever since with a few new members joining. Originally started in watford with Martin Haines on Drums, Kevin Lawton on Guitar and Dave Page on Bass we have changed through the years and turned into the great band we are today...


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GARETH (Singer)

The "youngster" and energetic front man of the band. He sings lead. Gareth  has been seen on Pop Idol, getting to the 3rd round and also on the BBC’s Any Dream Will Do, where he received very positive comments from the judges about his voice. But dont be mislead he is a charismatic talented singer who loves a bit of audience participation so get ready to be involved!


Gareth’s musical tastes vary. He could be listening to The Darkness, Oasis, Elvis, Phantom of the Opera, Franki Valli or Grease so it’s a mixed bag.


ROB (Drums)

Rob is the smiling guy at the back! Rob loves to play all kinds of popular styles and says he couldn’t think of a better place to be sat down on the stool ( well, perhaps one!) every night behind his kit enjoying cranking out another great gig with Sticky Jack! He is a talented drummer who can keep a beat and loves the live music scene. 



JOE AKA JOSE (Lead Guitar)

Jose Rodriguez is originally from Barcelona, Spain; he started playing guitar at a very young age after watching “A hard day’s night “by the Beatles.

He loves playing all ( both country AND western) kinds of music, primarily with an electric guitar.


These days Joe spends his time practicing politically incorrect guitar licks, grooming the little hair he’s got left, eating pork scratchings  and raising children, most of them legitimate, mind you. But Jose is a very skilled guitarist and the band would be nothing without him. 






Tony Dodd(Bass Guitar/Vocals)

Hailing as he does from Merseyside, Tony Dodd is convinced he would have been a beatle, had he been born about ten years earlier and had much more talent! Nevertheless he embarked on a musical journey many years ago, taking up the bass when the previous player in the band went on holiday. He found it was much easier to blag on bass than the guitar, and setting up was much easier. Since then you name it, he's played it. 


Tony Dubinski (Rhythm/Lead/Vocals)


Tony is the newest member of the band another talented musician with a wealth of experience. More to follow . . 


Gareth Lead singer StickyJack
Rob Drummer StickyJack
Jose Guitarist StickyJack
Tony Bass player StickyJack
Tony Guitarist StickyJack